Arabica is unique Speciality Coffee concept brewed in Japan that serves and roasts the best coffee from around the world, including from their own farm.Established in 1998 Arabica has an excellent reputation for it’s perfect cup of coffee and fine food, Sarabeth’s is an award winning bakery and restaurant that was born in New York City. It has received acclaim on shows such as The Apprentice and Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite things, as well as over 18 NASFT awards.Millions of Milkshakes is the world’s most famous milkshake brand,Millions of Milkshakes is a family place, where every teenager wants to be seen and where you can’t get your children to leave because everyone loves the experience. We are proud to say that we are bringing these truly exciting and amazingly branded companies to the UAE.


By visiting us at Emirates Hospitality or by hearing about us through the worldwide press we have received, you’ve no doubt seen our amazing concept in action and the tremendous response to our world-class brands and very possibly asked yourself, How Can I Have A Franchise Of My Own?
Actually, it’s easier than you think. Just carefully read each section listed below which will put you on the path to becoming a Franchisee. If you are eager to continue on what you believe may be a rewarding journey to success, then all you have to do to get started is simply fill out our franchise application.


For the Franchise fee to use our brands in the U.A.E please Contact Us


From applying for a franchise to the day of your Grand Opening only takes 8 easy steps. To determine whether the ownership of a franchise is right for you, first familiarize yourself with the 8 steps so that you thoroughly understand the process.

Once you’re awarded a franchise, we like to think of you as one of our special partners working together to create the ever-growing success of brand. Here’s what will happen when you apply online right now: The process begins the moment you submit an application by e-mail or by mail. You’ll immediately hear from our Development Manager/Area Developer. Then you’ll receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You send your signed acknowledgement of receipt. A credit check is made by our Development Manager/Area Developer. Your financials and business plan are submitted to the Development Manager/Area Developer for final approval. After our Franchise Development Team reviews your application, they will contact you. Once you’ve been selected as official franchisee with our brand, our team will work closely with you at every step in building your business and helping you make it a successful franchise.

The heart of every successful franchise depends on one word: Location! Location! Location! To assist you in selecting the best location in your area, a member of our Real Estate team or an authorized broker will personally guide you through the process of making the best choice possible.

When it comes to setting your terms, one of our expert Lease Negotiators will be there to make sure you get the most advantageous terms possible before signing a lease. An authorized broker and an approved  real estate attorney will be helping you through every step of this process.

Once your terms have been accepted, our Real Estate team will take over and review the points agreed upon and will make any necessary revisions before you sign the lease.

As soon as you sign your lease, you will be eligible to enroll in The University of Franchise. Assisted by our Construction Coordinator, you will begin building your franchise, a process that includes site plans and design documents.

Through our Real Estate Coordinator, you’ll be introduced to your Logistics contact, or Store Opening Coordinator, who will work closely with you during every step of the construction process and making sure that you have everything you need from the signing to the grand opening.

During the actual construction, your Construction Coordinator will be assisting you with the official construction documents, including the mechanical, plumbing and electrical plans, and answering any questions you may have about the construction or the design. He will also make routine on-site visits to coordinate with your licensed contractor.

As an ambassador of our brand, you have been given a great honor and a great responsibility. But before you can open your doors for business, you first need to make sure that every operational practice is in place and that your service team members have been properly trained.
Make sure you understand completely the 8 steps you have just read before making your decision to become a Franchisee.